Braintree District Council Framework Agreements

The framework was published in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJ L 347, 27.12.2006, p. This means that the selected suppliers have already passed all the necessary due diligence. This, in turn, speeds up the process without making it less efficient. Details of our current frameworks can be found in the East of England Local Government Association Contracts Database. The Hub is intended for webcasting and related services. Boards can rent the hardware and software needed for live streaming at our most competitive prices. The Council can also purchase audiovisual equipment such as conference microphones, which are also integrated into our online broadcasting software. Public-i supports all provided webcasting and AV kits. We can also offer maintenance packages for the existing meeting infrastructure. Braintree District Council (BDC) procures a single provider who is responsible for providing temporary agency workers to the Council. The Hub leases and manages a series of national framework agreements available to each UK authority.

In short, Braintree District Council procures a single supplier who assumes responsibility for the provision of temporary agency workers to the Council. The successful organization must demonstrate that it is able to provide manpower to the geographic locations and for the specialties/services indicated. If you are a UK agency that wants to watch one of our executives, you need to register for the Essex Procurement Hub. Braintree District Council spends around 33 million a year and is also home to the Essex Procurement Hub. Essex Procurement Hub is a common service that offers purchasing advice to its members. The members are Braintree District Council, Colchester Borough Council, Castlepoint Borough Council, Epping Forest District Council and Maldon District Council. As a result, Braintree District Council can award contracts to either of these authorities and often leaves open framework agreements that can be used by any public body in the UK. All this, combined, represents significant opportunities for a large number of companies. A lot of our orders bring a lot of competition.

The portal allows companies to register their interest in advance and complete the online pre-qualification questionnaire. To register an interest, click the provider button and follow the link to the BiP Select registration system. Although the use of the portal is not a guarantee of success, it should offer opportunities for companies, since buyers can search for products or services and companies are able to offer informed tenders and tenders. Since most of the purchase process has been completed for you, the responses to the offer are based on “Mini” exercises. These are based on your specific requirements and can be as concise as you like. This saves you time and resources and allows you to get up and running quickly. The terms are agreed in advance with Braintree District Council and no longer require lengthy negotiations between the Council and the provider. Designed by Braintree DC – a true webcasting board – these T&Cs can provide assurances to your legal team.

Specifically, these are designed exclusively for webcasting services. This means that important, often overlooked issues (such as intellectual property rights) have all been covered. Proactis replaces GDP, our tender site. While this transition is underway, you can also view our Procurement Opportunities Table (XLS, 2.59MB) for current possibilities to provide the Board….