Defense Health Agency Data Sharing Agreement Application

DHA officials will publish a draft beta bid application. on Dec 14. The final offer will not be released until January 2021 via GSA`s eBuy portal to Multiple Award Schedule holders. The Agency expects an allocation decision by the end of April 2021, as shown in a chronology in the slides. Contract agents plan to evaluate proposals on a best value clause based on the technical and management approach of the bidders, the organizational transformation strategy and pricing. The DHA is in the midst of several years of effort to take over the military health system and dozens of medical facilities previously managed by military services by convention mandate. To facilitate the transition, DHA is looking for a single Enterprise Computer Systems Integrator (EITSI) that takes responsibility for a number of important IT functions and helps the Agency standardize processes and work more efficiently. According to an April 2020 press release, the EITSI competition would be a single-price framework agreement (EPS) for the General Services Administration multiple award. For the first time, DHA officials have put an official price tag on the EITSI BPA: $2 billion over 10 years, depending on the day of December. To contact the analyst about this story: Chris Cornillie in Washington on The briefing also outlined the details of the first order planned for BPA, a $100 million effort to transfer six old IT contracts to a common management services platform. The largest contract of the six is perspecta Inc.s to provide customer support and network management through the DHA Global Service Centre, a mission on CIO-SP3 that has generated $150 million since November 2015.

The other five contracts together generated $62 million in September 2015. To contact the publishers responsible for this story: Daniel Snyder of companies interested in an upcoming offer can analyze the expenses of previous contracts. The Health Defense Agency has offered new details on a $2 billion initiative to consolidate IT functions on a single managed IT services contract, as shown in the details in a slide for an industrial day on December 10.