Sale And Purchase Agreement Equipment

b) systems and work declarations. Subject to Section 1 (a) above and the terms and conditions agreed in this contract and in the written work statements by both parties (a declaration of work), the seller will sell systems and provide maintenance and assistance and integration services to the purchaser or his associated companies, and the buyer or his associated companies will purchase systems, maintenance and integration services from the Seller at the purchase prices listed in Section 3 below. Each purchase transaction must be listed in a separate work account. Once a specific statement of work has been fully executed by the parties, it is included in the terms of this contract and settled by the parties. Each work instruction must define at least (i) the design specifications and feature sets of the system made available, including system configuration (specifications), (ii) the extent of services provided, (iii) a milestone schedule for the system and/or services provided; (iv) the purchase prices of the stated systems and services and the timing of the progress plan; and (v) in the case of a declaration made by a Buyer`s Affiliate, a statement duly satisfactory to the Seller that that Affiliate expressly accepts this Agreement and agrees to be bound by all applicable conditions. a. The vendor designs, manufactures, sells, installs, operates and maintains food irradiation or pasteurization systems, including X-ray devices and systems. The buyer or its affiliates agreed to purchase from the seller, and the seller agreed to purchase linear accelerator equipment and associated equipment, material handling equipment, security equipment, dosimetry system and real-time information and control system from the buyer or related companies, as described in particular in Appendix A, configured as stated in each work statement, since these devices and systems can be improved or improved from time to time by the seller, including the introduction of new models (systems set) and certain services intended to be used by the buyer or his related companies in this contract, in conjunction with the Titan Scan Business , Mail Business or other companies.